Rising prison population: a symptom of inequality

Our prison population is reaching record levels, a reality that is fed by our seemingly entrenched levels of inequality. Societies with higher inequality do worse on a whole raft of social indicators, including having a greater propensity for violence and higher imprisonment rates.[1] In New Zealand, we have record rates of convictions leading to prison, Read more about Rising prison population: a symptom of inequality[…]

Give them time to be young

Not certain if anyone over 45 years of age can remember actually being young, as in remember the realities of it, without romanticising it.  For some strange reason as we age young people and everything they do apparently annoys older people.  Their music hurts our ears and makes no sense to us. They are either Read more about Give them time to be young[…]

Restoration – a NEET opportunity

During the first 2017 leaders’ debate, Bill English, in response to a question about opportunities for youth, said that “the idea of just putting them (young people) out to plant trees somewhere, that doesn’t work anymore”.  Strangely perhaps, it’s the line that has stuck in my head more than most, and here’s why. I work Read more about Restoration – a NEET opportunity[…]